Extra Thick Worktops

Add that WOW factor to your kitchen design with our Extra Thick Worktops.

At 60mm, 80mm and 100mm thick, these Extra Thick Worktops are designed to be used as a feature worktop, breakfast bar, island or chunky worktop end panels. Available in all 26 decors, including the Sparkle Effect Laminates, these worktops are available from our Custom worktop service in any shape and size up to a maximum size of 4050 x 1200mm.

The Extra Thick Worktops are manufactured in a different way to the standard 22mm & 40mm thick worktop range, which have a solid chipboard core, faced both sides with the matching laminate and then polypropylene [ PP ] edged.

22mm thick square edged worktops edged with the matching PP edging.
40mm square edge worktops edged with the matching PP edging.

In an attempt to reduce the weight of these thicker Worktops, they are made from a box section, faced both sides with the matching laminate and then edged with the same high pressure laminate [ HPL ] as the top/bottom face.

Due to the construction of the thicker worktops, it is not possible to install sinks or hobs in to them.

Extra thick worktops manufactured as a box section to reduce the weight.
Thicker Laminate Worktops | 60mm / 80mm / 100mm
100mm Extra Thick Worktops used as a breakfast bar. Spectra Worktop Collection

100mm Natural Slate custom-made breakfast bar working in combination with 40mm Carrera Marble island worktop.

100mm Custom-made Worktops used as a worktop end support panel. Spectra Worktop Collection

100mm Custom-made worktop in Wild Rustic Oak being used as a chunky breakfast bar end support panel.

100mm Extra Thick Worktops used alongside standard 40mm thick worktops. Spectra Worktop Collrction

Create striking contrasts in your kitchen. Here we used a 100mm worktop alongside a standard 40mm worktop.

100mm Custom-made, thicker Worktops offered in unusual shapes. Spectra Worktop Collection

Our Custom-made service allows you to design unusual shapes to contrasting surfaces to suite your kitchen design.

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