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We offer a combination of standard worktop sizes together with our custom-made worktops and therefore every enquiry is different from the last.

We therefore quote for every enquiry we receive and submit a FREE QUOTATION to you, without obligation, and for you to digest in your own time.

Quotations are submitted via email only and we promise you that once we have quoted for your requirements, we will not contact you again unless we are invited to do so.

Our detailed quotations describe each piece of worktop, the selected decor if chosen, the delivery postcode and give an accurate indication of delivery dates. There are no wooly or grey areas when we quote!

We will not send reminder emails or special offer emails and we certainly will not pass on your details to anybody!

So, if you would like to know how much our quality worktops are going to cost you for the project you are planning, please fill in the form below and lets start the process.

FREE QUOTATIONS sent via email only.

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If you are still undecided or would like further information or advice, please give us a ring and see if we can help! Our telephone number is 01270 335006, however please note we are unable to give any prices over the telephone sorry.
Quotations are sent out in a written format via email only.