Worktop Delivery Service

We deliver into the areas numbered 1 -7 on the map shown below
As the map does not have clear demarcation lines or is not postcode specific, each quotation request asks for the delivery postcode, so that we can advise further at the enquiry stage, if we deliver to you address.

The map is therefore only intended as a guide.

Worktop Delivery Service | WorktopEdge Delivery Map

Clicking on the map will open it in another window, which can then be increased in size.

We operate a one man Worktop Delivery Service and therefore the delivery vehicle needs to be met by at least ONE person who is use to handling heavy products. As we offer worktop sizes up to 1200mm wide & 100mm thick there will be occasions when more people will be required to assist with the unloading of the vehicle and then for you to get the worktops into your premises. The drivers of the vehicles are extremely helpful people and will assist you whenever they can, however their health and safety are of paramount importance.

Worktops are heavy products and to assist you when planning to accept your delivery we list below the approximate weight of 40mm quality laminate worktops as a guide:
4050 x 650 x 40mm worktop: 63.00 Kg | 10 Stone | 63 bags of sugar
4050 x 900 x 40mm worktop: 88 Kg | 13.75 Stone | 88 bags of sugar
4050 x 1200 x 40mm worktop* 120 Kg | 18.5 Stone | 120 bags of sugar

*A minimum 3 people required to assist the driver with this worktop size

Worktops are extremely heavy and therefore the vehicles delivering them have to be designed to carry substantial weight. The vehicles typically used to deliver your quality worktops are 18 tonne fixed axle lorries and therefore you must ascertain that the vehicle can reach your premises before placing an order with us. For instance we are unable to deliver down single track roads.

An 18 tonne vehicle will be slightly bigger than the standard refuse collection vehicle or fire tender. If a vehicle is unable to get to your premises an attempt will be made to deliver to the nearest standard size carriageway and it will then be your responsibility to get the products to your premises and therefore require a minimum of TWO people who are use to handling heavy products regardless of the size of the worktops ordered.